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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bracelet Obsession

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm back to making bracelets ! I've had the idea for a while - leather bracelets, some with charm and some using the leather to frame woven beads. 


I've almost completed the woven sample - just need to sew in the ends. I've also prepared the elements of the leather charm bracelet. This little project will not take too long to complete. I'm hoping to develop the idea in to a workshop for next term.

My other plan for the day is to finish weaving in the ends on another one of my knitting projects - it's been waiting for so long I can't remember when I finished the knit. I'm hoping to get it blocked too. I'll share the finished item tomorrow - I'm really looking forward to wearing this one - call in tomorrow  if you are curious.

In addition, I finally managed to block the Nuuk last night - I'll have some photos to share soon. The finishing off week is going well !!

Thanks for calling in today.