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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Even More BoHo Experiments

Hi Everyone
As mentioned on Wednesady, my job yesterday was to complete my second colour way (blue) in the BoHo bracelet samples. Success, I managed to complete my sample and start another ! 
The 'other' is a different construction technique but it's firmly in the  BoHo Collection. I like to give each sample a name but have failed to name any of the three samples so far. They are stuck with 1#,2#,3#. I'm working on it, hopefully in a few days I will have some theme going.
Here is a quick view of #2 - the blue version :

The colours are predominantly blue/Teal but have a slight red colour going on in the larger beads. I've used a bead for the closure rather than a button, as used in the 1# version. I also  used the simple braided closure as per the 1# bracelet.
In addition to this blue sample, I started another bracelet. This time it's a different construction approach. I'm using a variety of different beads and weaving them around a couple of wax cotton threads. Again, this bracelet is blue - my favourite colour. Here's a quick look at my initial experiment :


As it's Friday, I should be reporting on the progress of the Hanabira crochet cardigan. I've only added a few rows this week and there's so little difference in how it looks, so I'm not including a photo. I'm hoping I can  finish the majority of the upper body section next week. The next big thing is a large flower pattern which adds quite a wide section to the body and should move on the cardigan, condiserably. Check out the finished design of the Hanabira here. This project has always been a long term thing but I feel I'd like to move it along a little quicker next week. Wish me luck !

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.