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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Still Obsessed

Hi Everyone
I'm totally obsessed with Kumihimo ! I thought I'd 'done' Kumihimo for now. However, not so ! I've only scratched the surface (obviously) but I did feel the basics had been covered for an introduction to Kumihimo. The problem is, I keep having new ideas - I've decided, this is a good thing and I'm  going with it !
Here is a quick look at my latest experiments :

The bracelet I'm calling #8 (for now) is made using simple embroidery floss, two strands held together with silver beads threaded onto one of the strands and braided in the usual way. It's very pretty and a surprisingly easy technique. I can see lots of new possibilities for this approach. The double 8 strand embroidery thread produces a solid cord of 5mm or so. I'd like to develop a new braid using lots of different shades of blue thread and adding small seed beads in a similar range of blues, covering the whole braid.

My second new braid is my first experiment with 'flat' braiding. Flat braids are produced by using a different weaving pattern. I used embroidery thread again, in a single 8 strand braid. The resulting braid is very small but quite pretty. I used three different colours, orange, yellow and lime green. I'm thinking about adding lots of charms to this braid. I will make some simple bead charms and also incorporate a few silver charms along the length of the braid.

My next move is to develop the idea inspired from the silver #8 bracelet and the charms for the flat braid. I'll look forward to sharing my results when I have something. I'm hoping to do a big photo shoot with all my Kumihimo work to date later this week, although - I'm not ruling out more experiments.

Thanks for calling in today.