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Monday, 10 July 2017

Wrap Bracelet

Hi Everyone
I've finished my Wrap Bracelet - Macrame style (read back last week for more details). I've not worn the bracelet yet but having tried it on for the photo, it feels great. I'm going to wear it all day today and will check out the 'everyday' suitability. Often, prototype 'makes' have issues ! I was a little concerned about the length of the wrap element of the design. If the length is either too short or long, the bracelet is unwearable. However, so far (only 10 mins in) all seems well.


The beads are a great size for balancing the weight of the bracelet. Half the beads are glass like so give a little sparkle which is attractive. I love the colour of the bracelet and the beads, it's a few variations of a light Teal. A button is used as a bracelet closure. It's  a lovely silver square, shank button with an intricate 'filigree' pattern.
Generally, I love this simple design and feel it's been quite a success. I can see lots of options to develop the design and am keen to test out more ideas later this week. I'd like to try out different sized beads as well as varied thread colours. I'll share my results as they develop.

Thanks for calling in today.