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Monday, 3 March 2014

Button Earrings and other things

Hi Everyone
Not sure I remember too much about the weekend ? - we have had very limited family time this weekend. Lots of running around. I feel I need a few days holiday to recover.

As it's Monday, I have another prompt for the Make Art Monday project - this week it's JOY. There is almost a Christmas theme (for me) to the words used with this project. Last week we had Celebrate. I feel rather challenged by the JOY word, outside Christmas ideas. However, I will keep thinking. My initial plan is to make a painted piece on two small handmade papers. I will split the pieces for presentation. My colour choice is ? - again, I'm drawn towards Christmas colours. I think I need to think about my version of the word 'joy' and use a personal replacement. New ideas will then be possible ? Will post my response tomorrow.

My other 'arty' thing is a response to the current stitched postcard card project. I tend to enter this initiative every year - Ive done at least three. If you are interested - here are the details.
I have more time to complete but I'm keen to finish it today. This is the front of my card so far :

I want to add some words and I have an idea for some images. My swap partner is in Portugal is time.

My other news is a quick preview of the new 'button' earrings I started last week. They have their little cards colour coded to the clay colours and I'm quite pleased with how they look.

I will keep going with this job this week. I'm going to turn the button earrings into a class so will work on that too.

Thanks for reading. Bye for today.