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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Buttons everywhere !

Hi Everyone
The weather has turned rather cold and miserable today - there was so much hope of Spring yesterday ! Not to be.

Today I'm still focused on the button collection and I have a new display to produce. I think the new display should be a different colour from the other one and I need to think about necklaces and bracelets as well as earrings for this one. I'm not sure the display needs to be too different from the other (see 13/3/14 post) - let's see what turns out.

I temporarily 'built' a necklace yesterday and am pondering the clasps. I will make some silver clasps but have run out of silver wire. Ive ordered a new batch. Here is the progress so far

My aim is to produce 4 necklaces and bracelets using a key colour for each. The orange is a favourite colour for me and I am often drawn to using this colour. Ive decided to shine the focal beads and keep the key colour a matt finish. Each clasp will have a slightly different design and each will have a bracelet and earrings within the mini collection. The others colours will be bronze (a brown mixed colour), green and a light beige.

My other focus for today is Genervieve - my current doll painting.

She will get a little broach 'button' for her neck area and some more colour to her face. I also want to colour some of the house windows. I think, she will be finished after that ..... maybe ?

Thanks for reading.