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Monday, 10 March 2014

More Button Bead Possibilities

Hi Everyone
It's a lovely sunny day this morning - always a huge lift to my day. The Make Art Monday theme this week is TRUST. This offers huge possibilities and Ive had lots of things passing through my mind. I'm also off on another run and will finalise my ideas when I'm out and about. I think, I will make this exercise (no pun intended !) a regular start to my week. My initial thought is to work with something 'white' - with various shades of cream and some texture. Not sure why this comes to mind but I keep coming back to it. Ive decided my TRUST element will be trusting myself ie belief and relying on my own judgement and will go with my instinct.

I will share what happens tomorrow !

I also saw this lovely necklace in the new TOAST collection

Ive had an idea to produce something similar with the 'Button' beads used in my recent earring batch.

I will take a few colours /designs and try out a few combinations to compliment the earrings. Lots of little beads are involved when making a long necklace (especially when they are double layers) and I usually avoid the small bead necklace for this reason. However, I would like to try a few examples and think the beads will look pretty as a necklace. Perhaps, I can raise my production levels !

Other news - another weekend which has gone with a blur. Not sure what we did but there was lots of running around. I feel exhausted !

Ive got a full work schedule this week. I need another batch of earring buttons to complete for an order. I learnt lots from last weeks processes. Ive got some new ideas about surface design so will try them out. I also need to get a little display shelf organised for one of my wholesale customers. I will make it a simple wooden plaque with little hooks. I want the simple wood background to support the earring card packaging without taking away their 'centre stage'.

I also have a few metal earrings to finish and pack. I will finish these first later today - will share my results later in the week.

That's about it for today.

Thanks for reading.