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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The 'glass' bead continues !

Hi Everyone
Not much work done yesterday, I had a lovely day out with a close friend and felt like I was on holiday ! Great.

Back to the usual stuff - I spent a little time last night trying out another couple of 'glass' clay ideas. I filled the little tangerine beads with liquid polymer and tinted the liquid with Red Pepper ink (same used for colouring the basic translucent clay). The technique is a good one and I will keep going with it. My experiment was a bit rushed and I didn't spend enough time getting a better finish. Here is an after and before.

I like the effect - it's definitely glass like in the middle.

The other beads in this developing collection have had a layer of paint. Here is another before and several afters.

I like how these turned out. I almost coated them with liquid polymer but left some matt finish. You need to look close !

These two beads were overfilled (on left) and distressed with brown paint (right).

These two sets are painted and polished.

This is a clear, thin plain translucent clay - still not clear but looks more like glass.

Thanks for reading.