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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Keep polishing and others things

Hi Everyone
I almost completed my very short work list yesterday (minor miracle) ! I do have some extra polishing to complete today and a few small adaptations to a couple of the designs and I need to deliver some stock on Friday so will work hard to finish today ( the pressure is on). I worked in the sunshine most of the day yesterday and I did relax into my work - great. The sun definitely helped me through my day. It's a bit dull today.

Most days I come up with new designs for beads. It's completely taken over my daily thought processes and planning. I'm so busy most of the time but thinking of new designs is embedded, my solution to hang on to the idea (when it arrives) is to make a mini sketch of the idea. I have many pages of designs.
Here is an example and another few ideas I'm working on :

In addition, Ive found these lovely earrings, I especially like the colour contrast as well as the organic shape. I have an idea how I could make something similar. These are clay so much easier. Thank you to menemu - great inspiration.

I need an assistant to make up some prototypes !!! - any volunteers ? - no chance of course !

Thanks for reading.