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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Clasp Designs

Hi Everyone
The silver wire has arrived and I cant wait to get going with a few necklace clasps. In preparation for the task, Ive tried out some versions here :

I think I will go with the design of the clasp (1) on the orange necklace but in sterling silver.
The other designs here will go on the other necklaces. I can't decide which I like best ? I think I like the last one (4) although it depends on the whole design of a piece.

I did prepare some simple small split rings to attach the clasps to the thread, however, I like the direct to the clasp look for this necklace. The clasp sits well down into the bead and looks neat.

I wanted to make up the blue version of my button necklace so have made a batch of thin long beads. I'm going to use the number 4 clasp.

Genervieve got a little bit of paint on her face but more to do on each facial feature? Her nose needs a little more definition and the cheekbones need to come out. I try for a suggestion of the features rather than absolute detail, the eyes give my dolls their character. The eyes need a bit more too.

The LIGHT painting has a list of extra's to add but they are thoughts and words rather than the finished thing. Will keep going today.

My recent experiments in glass clay effects are not going anywhere at the moment but I'm thinking about them - something will give me an idea. I will be patient for now. My aim is to eventually produce something similar to this :

I love this finish. I would like to know exactly how Katrin Neumaier does this - I'm a long way from getting such a result.

Thanks for reading.