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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Light as a feather !

Hi Everyone
Yesterday, was a reasonably productive day for me. I had a long list of little jobs and managed most of them. I spent more time than planned on Genervieve and have a little more to do - embedding new features and some more face colour. But generally, it's almost there !

These specifics (below) will be sorted today and further embedded into the painting.

I also planned a second necklace for the button range. This one will be in blue and will be a simple style. I will make the extra plain beads in a longer thin bead rather than round. I like the idea of texturing the surface lightly - to hold a darker paint similar to these earrings (in this photo on the right). I think it will be a nice contrast to the lighter surface design on the focus beads.

I hope to finish the basic necklace today but am still waiting for a silver wire delivery to make a clasp.

My other priority was to develop the basis of my Make Art Monday piece for this week. This week the theme is LIGHT and I struggled with this one. I did want to make a little story painting with characters and eventually came up with this - before the theme was announced.

Each character has a LIGHT element and the whole story is about LIGHT. I will write the story to accompany my painting and it will be displayed alongside the painting in my album. I did feel it was a bit contrived when I started but I'm happy it fits the theme. It's a good example of working at an idea until something clicks.

I will add some more detail in pen (I think). I hope this will develop the story (within the painting) over the next few days - there is plenty of space to add some little details.

I think there is a slight Easter link to the story with the colours and characters - I like this idea and will add to it.

Thanks for reading.