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Monday, 17 March 2014

The 'glass' polymer bead

Hi Everyone
Another week begins and I'm obsessed with producing a 'glass' polymer bead. Ive got lots of ideas and a new batch of translucent polymer. I want to have a range of colours and some surface pattern designs on the beads. I thought I would try and make a hollow bead first and try out some different ways of colouring the clay. Here is a lovely example of a necklace from Kathrin Neumaier. All her work is wonderful but I think this 'glass'- like range is amazing.

Ive gone with pardo clay because it's recommended by so many people for its translucent characteristics. We will see what happens. I found a great piece of good background reading regarding translucent clay check it here.

It's also another new Make Art Monday challenge - this weeks it's : PLAY.
I hope to take a completely different approach this week. I'm inspired by a great book by Sarah Ahern Bellemare called 'painted pages'. I like the colour blocks and journalling style and will try out something she suggests as a 'play'. We are in the 4th . week of this weekly challenge - seems only yesterday that the idea presented itself. Will share what comes out of the day.

Ive still got work to do completing the final batch of my 'buttons' collection and I need to get some samples in the shop. This will be the main focus of my work this week. Once they are finished I will get them posted.

Thanks for reading.