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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

My 'arty' life !

Hi Everyone
Not too much to share today. I did a Make Art Monday effort - I wasn't hugely happy with it this week. I got a bit bogged down in colours and detailed ideas. I did like the stones in the centre of the piece and will use them again. The idea of the painting is to represent my run this morning along by the river in Morpeth. The stones are my steps and the patterns either side represent the colours and shapes along the route. The colours came from my thoughts on the run and the lines from the visual journey along the actual path. Here is a look.

I need to add a splash of something on the right to lift it ? Although, I can see there are improvements to be made, the core idea is OK. My 'joy' is in the feelings generated by the shapes and colours of the experience. It is a bit of a blur and the features do merge (when running). My representative line of buildings is a constant reference on the left. I like the imagery - it does reflect my experience.

On other 'art' matters, I also added a little something to the stitched project and it's almost there. I will keep it simple and get it in the post to my swap partner in Portugal.

I plan to write a message to my swap partner on the back.

I also have a few metal earring ideas in the planning stage. I will base my designs on round silver, flattened balls and some clay flat beads. I would like to produce something like this :

Not sure how they will turn out but I will work on a few versions this week. You can see more about these actual items and more on my Pinterest board - metal jewellery. There's a link on this blog.

Thanks for reading.