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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tuesday is now Monday !

Hi Everyone
Another lovely morning of bright sunshine - wonderful start to my day !

I'm behind already ! - I think Mondays need to be organising days and that's that. Next week I will introduce this plan. So, today will start working with yesterday's plans.

I have a few metal series earrings underway. I now need a name for the collection - somehow once a name is created, the collection is 'born'. I like the idea of a group of items within a collection. I feel doing 'one off's' not very satisfying. The little group as they look need cleaning - I will start with this first. I'm sharing one of each style. Although they are similar hence the collection. Each has been designed to be subtlety different.

There should be a photo here but blogspot will not upload !

I will keep the design shape and produce a few charms which will form a necklace and a bracelet for each pair of earrings. That's the plan ! The silver posts need to be shaped (just in case you were wondering ).

I also have a clay batch to prepare - as per my plan for yesterday. This will take most of my day.

I had a disaster with the Make Art Monday painting - TRUST. I had an idea (see yesterday for details). However, things didn't turn out well.

There should be another picture here but no upload possible.

The painting has the beginnings of my 'metaphorical footprint' ! I see the clouds and the river bank route. I also see the 'veiled' trust images I need in myself (to finish my run in the desired time).The 'cloudy' colours are reflecting feelings (in my head, anyway). But ...... I need to bring it all together and provide a clear focus for the paintings. I'm going to try and place a tree or a house in there. I will use a thin line drawing which will represent the 'safety' of a clear or home image - which can suggest success. I know this reads as a rather fanciful interpretation and a contrived selection of words but that's what my mind is telling me to do. Perhaps, the paintings will tell the story when I get it right.

Thanks for reading