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Friday, 7 March 2014

Shop Stock

Hi Everyone
Another week gone ! The end of the week always arrives too quickly for me. I'm almost on target for my jobs this week. I have a batch of earrings ready for a local gallery and another for my online shops. I just need to photograph and deliver my stuff today. Here is a quick look at part of the batch.

My favourite from the batch is this one :

I may have to keep it for myself !
Ive decided I need to add a little 'handle' for the earring cards and will slot a tag onto the handle for the price tag/ sales code.
I have a run day today too, so will take advantage of some thinking time while I'm out. I find myself looking forward to a focused half hour. I'm going to organise some new design ideas in my head. I must have about 20 new ideas to decide on. My run time is great for this job. The quality of my items is important and I need to 'engineer' designs to help with finishing times. If I prepare beads correctly the quality improves hugely. I also need to find some new texture ideas - I'm considering going to the beach this weekend to find some items which can help.

I need to keep going with my metal skills too. I've not been practicing this week. Perhaps I can make something this weekend. I'd like to make a long link chain with a metal pendant. I'm inspired by this necklace by Amy Tavern.

I want to wear my 'necklace to be' so will tone it down a little ie design wise to be practical for everyday wear. I like the metal bows and particularly the long links chain. I'm not over skilled (yet) with metal so who knows how it will turn out.

Have a great weekend. Thanks for reading.