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Friday, 28 March 2014

The return of the 'Glass Clay'

Hi Everyone
Yet again it's Friday (the week has flown by) and today I'm having a day out because it's my birthday. I'm determined to treat myself at every opportunity so will enjoy the day as much as possible. I like that it's Friday - somehow being the end of the week seems like a treat. I may do a few beads too - although it sounds like work - I genuinely love what I do, so making beads would be a treat too.

I managed to produce my silver clasps yesterday - here they are :

I hoped to get the necklaces ready for their clasps but have ran out of time this week.

Genevieve did get a bit more attention and I'm not sure it's improved her face

The close up version is better but the bigger picture looks a bit 'nose' heavy. Her hair developed a few highlights too and a longer fringe. I will fix the nose next and trim her fringe.

Sadly, the LIGHT painting did not get attention and needs extra work ...... my list of options for the painting did not get into the 'to do' list. Hopefully, I will get to it over the weekend.

One very exciting thing that did happen yesterday was stumbling across someone working on 'glass polymer' beads. There was lots of talk about the need for highly polishing with a power tool and sugar or paper core material. I'm energised again re the project and have found some large sugar balls (10mm) used in cake decoration. I feel this could move on the experiments. Here is the example I found :

This beads look great. Ive already tried my pea bead with the polishing thing.

It's better but not quite like this one. Perhaps, the sphere shape and the colour have something to do with the effect (as well as the sunshine).

Have a good weekend. Thanks for reading.