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Thursday, 20 March 2014

What to do next ?

Hi Everyone
I had a busy day yesterday and completed lots of little beads in the 'button' collection. I'm planning to make 4 sets of necklaces and bracelets using the bead range 'buttons'. These small beads take forever to make but I like the final effect. I want a set for myself and these sets will form the basis of a few new workshops with kits and the detail is key to the final look of the jewellery. I need to be inspired to produce lots of surface patterns to provide ideas for the workshops and making lots gives me ideas as I go. Here is a reminder of the range.

These beads need finishing but I love the range of colours in this batch. I particularly like the greens.

Ive also spent some time with the 'glass' experiments. Ive decided that I need a couple of weeks at this idea.
The 'pea' bead is definitely 'see through' - the wire is clearly visible when held up to the light. This bead is hollow and very thin but quite robust. However, it's not an attractive item .... yet.

I also have a little hollow pillow bead using translucent clay which is quite attractive.

I'm going to add colour to these items and will decide where to go next with the glass project.

Thanks for reading.