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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

More 'glass' clay chat

Hi Everyone
I had an exhausting weekend - lots of family stuff crammed in. Yesterday was a 'catch up day' - with very little else. Great but I need a holiday !

Ive started the much talked about 'glass' clay development with limited success. I played around with shapes and finally decided to stick with a basic bead. I started by tinting the clay with three different colours of Adirondack ink in Red Pepper, Mushroom and Oregano. I used one drop on each sample. The red had most impact. The other two hardly changed the colour of the clay.

The top right beads are the Oregano

The last two photos are the Red Pepper. The resulting colour is probably a deep tangerine.

This bead was the most glass like ie it does shine and the centre part (quite thin in the centre) is almost transparent.

I also wanted to know how the shape and thickness would work re developing the glass look. I have plans to make a hollow bead and will get onto that next. The larger beads are quite solid other than a space for threading. I also scratched the surface of the beads a bit and will add some paint to highlight the scratches. The beads are OK. I like them. Not 'glass' as such but getting there. I understand what to do next - a great feeling ! Knowing what to do next is quite a novelty !

Thanks for reading.