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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Demands of the brain !

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm hoping to finish my latest batch of mini (button) earrings. Ive added a few more colours and will have even more to add to the batch but I'm waiting for a delivery of earring posts. I was going to make posts from sterling silver wire but this takes such a long time to get a quality shape with strength that I will buy them in for this large batch. I have orders for about 60 pairs ! - scary.
Here are the new colours after their initial bake. I need to paint them and rebake before polishing. I enjoyed making them yesterday. Somehow, it's a relaxing experience when I know what I'm doing.

I do love experimenting but sometimes there is a reassurance about knowing what the end result needs to be. The finishing does take time but I don't need to think too much (in a creative way) so it's not so 'brain demanding', hence relaxing.

Other news - I have been talking about making some little boxes for jewellery and I have a some paper versions which need decorating I'm going to think about what I can do today. The boxes are great as they are .... but I like the idea of adding a bit of art somehow. I will ponder this as I work. Here are the little undressed boxes at the moment :

I don't want to overdo things, just a little, subtle something. The sun is shining right now and it's such an inspiring view from my window - perhaps, I can produce something good today !

Thanks for reading.