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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
This week, I'm still making my new green bead collection of jewellery (read back previous Thursday's for more on this). I don't really have anything to share from last time, my previous plans did not happen ! So, will keep going with a stretch bracelet (using my green stuff). As with previous weeks, I've been distracted from planned work with other pressing matters but I should be OK for an hour or so today. Although the green stuff has suffered, I did make a pair of earrings (for a class sample) which I'm rather pleased with. The simple silver hoops have a series of small coloured beads which are threaded onto the hoop. They are very simple but I'm planning on making more of these little beads to give alternative looks to the earrings. 
I was also inspired to make a stretch necklace with leftover beads after tidying a storage box yesterday. The box had collected a variety of small leftover beads (over several years) as well as a piece of stretch thread. I wanted to use the storage box for other things and was just organising the contents. I like this spur of the moment thing ie inspired to make something and am looking forward to completing the necklace. Having sorted the beads and decided about making the necklace, I found myself short of a few centimetres of bead so had to quickly make some more, this is how the small coloured beads came along for the silver hoops. This is also why lots of planned work does not happen !!!  Here are a few images of the developments so far :


I will re string the necklace and disperse the new beads across the necklace, they will all get a shine and polish and then I will look forward to wearing my new item. I like the stretch necklace idea, it's very easy to wear and there's no need for clasps and fiddly fastenings. I'm also quite taken with the hoop earrings and can see all kinds of little bead ideas for adapting and changing the look of the hoops.
The green stuff needs some time today too. I love the look of the beads and must get a bracelet finished today. Here are the beads in their little tray - looking a bit like sweets :


Thanks for reading.