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Monday, 9 November 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Another week has flown by and I'm way off my Monday plans - again ! I did my eye drawing exercise last week and have been inspired to develop a Lino print. I've been watching the Sky Arts TV show Landscape Artist and have noticed the inclusion of a print artist a few time. I was introduced to Lino printing at school and have a soft spot for the techniques involved. I know this is going off on another tangent re my art plans however, this is fine by me and I'm going with it. I produce much better work if I allow myself the freedom to follow my whims !
My ultimate idea is to develop an eye linked to the Eye Project (read back Monday's for details) but I also like the idea of making some backgrounds for other work. I see printing working in almost all areas of my work from painting to fabric and clay work. The surface pattern designs possible via printing are very exciting and I'm keen to experiment. So, my first printing experiments will happen today and I will try out a basic eye. Not sure what to expect but I think it maybe something like the images I made from last weeks eyes sketches. Here is a quick look at the simple lines of the 'print to be' :


You may remember this image :


This is an etching produced by Escher - this is fabulous and I've seen the original plates on a recent trip to an Edinburgh gallery. Obviously, I'm not up to this sort of thing and a Lino print is another thing altogether but I do love the image and it sticks in my mind. I think I will try and get a similar layout ie the whole eye print taking up the page, of course, anything could happen.

Thanks for reading.