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Monday, 23 November 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
If you called in last Monday, you will know that I've been distracted from my long and much talked about (only by me !) Eyes Project. If you are new to this Project read back a few Monday's to get the back story. Last Monday's distraction was this :


These simple, little painted sketches were all about developing a surface pattern for a couple of clay items. The fish was to be the inside of a little platter dish and the spoons were in fact just 'spoons' to accompany the platter. All items are made from Air Dried clay.The items are now made and the patterns are sketched out - so I just need to paint them.
However, I'm getting back on track today and want to review where I am with the Eyes Project. I had left myself making a Lino print of a sample eye.
This is my starting point :
 This is where I hope to stay for a while. My plan today is to develop some simple Lino outline cuts and I will hopefully be ready to try out a few prints. This is a very exciting development and hopefully my Eyes Project will take a turn for the better. I'm using the idea of 'printing' to really define what I see as the essential lines of the eye without the help of shading. I'm prepared for lots of attempts. It's going to be a challenge! Ultimately, I think, the slight differences in the shapes will give me a variety of eyes (for my four Angel Dolls - read back for detail). I have drawn each set of eyes with pencil but I worked with watercolour and the results were not so good. I feel if I can get the structure lines set in my head, I can improve the watercolour and any other paint technique.

Thanks for reading.