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Monday, 2 November 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Back from holidays today and as usual post holiday I feel all over the place! I need something to direct my day and here it is ............
I've got a great little eye practice planned. Here it is :


My ongoing Eye Project for Monday's is so behind that I need to completely re focus ! Life and work etc has taken over and I've lost my way with the actual production. Im still convinced about the worth of the project so it's about actually getting on with the development. I'm going to re sort the four surfaces for my project today (read back Monday's for background on the project). I feel like I've been going for ever with this one and it's time to get organised.
The eye drawing exercise will help me to re start my project and if I can get the surfaces organised and collect my eye sketches (already done) I will feel better. I'm considering spending all week on this job. Will review my plan this evening and decide what I can achieve. 

Thanks for reading.