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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Clay Day

Hi Everyone
My plans for today, as usual, remain 'fluid' ! Clay Days are just for me - so I feel the freedom to do what I want. It's such a pleasure.
 I've had a little idea brewing since last weekend and I'm keen to experiment. The initial idea came out of a lovely workshop I did last Saturday. One of my students picked an example necklace she liked (from one of my Pinterest Boards) and I was reminded of how much I like it too. The necklace was a great starting point for our workshop discussion and we used the colours to inspire most of the 'makes'. I came way thinking I would like to make something more like the actual 'inspiration' necklace - in terms of the beads. I especially like the texture pattern and the mix of colours. It's almost a patchwork of fabric.


As you can see, I've changed the shape of the beads to my own liking and it will be a pendant rather than a whole necklace full of beads. I think, it will end up on a chain ? I've made a quick sketch and developed a little 'cut out' to help me with the size. I often make a mock bead in paper to decide on sizes and shapes. The pendant bead will start out bigger and possible more like the sample inspiration but the 'cut out' will provide a guide for me.
 I initially thought about a 'rubber like' thong but I've also added a pair of earrings to my plan and will develop some silver hooks for the earrings. I'm not especially into matching jewellery but in this case, I think (maybe ?)I will go for a similar matching style. Plans may change ! 
I've still not finished the green beads project from last time and the time before etc ! Not sure why ? I'm not forcing it. The beads are still in their lovely little tray and I've placed them in my working space to look at ! I like looking at them and they will stay until I make them into something. I've got into the habit of picking them up and examining them before I start work each day. It's a kind of 'warm up' !

Thanks for reading.