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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
It's another Making Workshop today and we are creating little trinket bowls or similar using air dry clay. Hopefully all will go well and we will decorate them next time. If time permits we will make some Christmas things, stars and the basis of a tree (will share this project in detail next time). This kind of clay is very different from the polymer stuff we normally work with and (for me) quite a challenge. 
I've decided I do like the look of the Matt, chalky finish and will try out some more ideas. It will be interesting to see how others create their bowls and how the finished items turnout.
We've also been practicing Zentangle ideas for surface designs, I'm not sure how I will apply this technique yet. It's going to be interesting.
The unfinished but dried clay looks like this so far :


I've got some ideas for the plate and the tree but not sure about the bowls or the decorations. The little house will end up on a painting (I think ?), perhaps as part of some additional collage ? As you can see, some of the pieces are not quite dry. I'm amazed at how long the drying process takes. The rustic plate has been 're wetted' and flattened ! - it's turned out OK. I'm going to try and give the plate a sort of glaze.

I've been collecting ideas on my Pinterest board Air Dry Clay so will keep going with that re surface decoration. I think I will need to make loads more bowls to try out all the different possibilities! I'm favouring a 'seed like' shapes/pattern at the moment.  
Just need to start with the decoration and see where it goes. I'll share the results after tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.