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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Today on The Making Framework I'm reporting on some of the results from last weeks workshop where we created air dried clay stuff. The class really embraced making little bowls and Christmas decorations. We generally spent time experimenting after a very basic introduction to the air dry clay material. Everyone made fantastic bowls and used ink stamps to start the decoration. 
There was a great atmosphere of 'playing' with the clay - which proved to be enormously creative. Over the last few workshops, I have noticed an air of confidence in quite a few members of our group. This is exactly what I had hoped from developing the sessions and providing increasingly difficult challenges. I had a lovely time too, often I find myself opting out of the creative moment (in the workshop session) however, I too felt energised and creative. Here is a look at some of the stuff we created :


All the bowls and ideas were generated from the moment -  this is very exciting development !


I'm not sure if all the print colours will fade slightly ? - the bowl on the top of the bottom image did set out as colourful as the first images, over the drying time of about a week it's definitely changed to a more subtle version.
We will continue with some more decoration next time and seal the surface patterns. Hopefully we can finish the Christmas Tree (not shown here) and add little ties to the tags. I will experiment further with some faux glaze ideas using liquid polymer. I've not done this before so I'm not sure what will happen ? We don't have a kiln so any other form of glaze will not be possible. If the polymer does not work, I guess we are into varnish. Will report on my findings next time.

Thanks for reading.