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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
We have another Air Dry Clay workshop today in the Making Framework. This will be the second of 3 workshops focussing on using Air Dry Clay. Last time we made little bowls and Christmas tags. 
I also introduced the idea of  a little Christmas Tree - to be finished with felting (from scratch). This is how it will look eventually :

The idea is there but we need some modifications. I think we also have another idea for the felted element - hopefully we can develop lots of ideas through our discussions today.

This week we will continue with more bowls/plates and tags but also introduce decoration experiments on the dried bowls using a variety of acrylic mediums and wax seals.

I've been trying out additional Christmas Tree ideas and did consider a coil tree- I wasn't over enthusiastic about the look. The air dry clay is quite a rough/distressed finish and the trees didn't finish well (in my view). However, I will open it up to the group and they can decide for themselves. As an alternative, I've developed a series of star shapes to stack and paint to form a tree. Again, not sure how they will turn out but that's what we are about - experimenting and making art.
I've also made another little dish which I'm calling a fish plate as well as a idea to produce some spoons. The idea here is to inspire the group to use a design to inform a shape. I like to use quite bright colours but in a minimal way ! I also want to try and get a glossy finish too with these pieces and am going to develop a glaze idea using glue, nail varnish and water ? No idea if it will work ? - but we can give it a go.
I will share the results of our work next time but here is a quick look at the experiments which will hopefully inspire ideas for today.


Thanks for reading.