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Monday, 16 November 2015

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm distracted again re my Monday Art activities ! Last week, I started some printing but it's on hold for this week and I'm involved with a sketch for some Dry Clay work. The Dry Clay medium has been part of a Making Framework workshop (featured last Tuesday) and tomorrow, I'm hoping to use my art work to help decorate a fish plate and some spoons (to be made tomorrow). The inspiration comes from these images found on Pinterest -


I especially like the colours used in the fish plates and the combination of colours and shapes of the plate and spoons together. The items can only be ornamental because of the nature of the clay I'm using but I do like the look and will hope to display my makes.
So, my art work today will be some scaled patterns for decorating the plates and the spoons. I will share my results tomorrow in preparation for the workshop.

Thanks for reading.