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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Last week on The Making Framework, we experimented in one of our workshops with a second Air Dry Clay session and worked through a series of ideas to develop a small Christmas Tree. We now have three options which will end the Air Dry Clay series next week. The names Wet Felt is the style of our approach rather than the actual example. The other two trees are actual workshop samples.


 I'll share all the workshop results next time combining the clay with felting ideas. I think we may try for a few little Christmas cards too - using clay or felt embellishments.

For today, I'm experimenting with another little Christmas tree idea which will form a Making Kit Project. I'm also developing a video to accompany the kit. This is a very ambitious plan ! We are in early stages but I have practiced a little and I'll do some more development today. 
The actual project will produce a beaded charm in the shape of a tree with a star on the top. The star will be beaded and the tree itself will be formed by a thin silver or gold spiral wire, covered in beads. The charm will hang by a small jump ring (to be formed from the same wire as the tree) and be attached to whatever as an embellishment with a ribbon or thread. I'm including this project today to show how these projects are devised and the process which is in place before the final activity is released for use in the Making Framework. Here is a quick look at the first stages of the process. 


I've collected my materials and have a vague idea in my head what the final item will look like. So far I've partially developed three different ideas on how to build the item and rejected two because they required highly developed range of beading skills which takes many years to refine and not suitable for The Making Framework. We are not concentrating on developing highly skilled crafters in one area (in this case beading), although this may well be a product of getting involved. The Making Framework is to do with challenging yourself to begin working with a specific material and experimenting with a project. Initially projects are structure and have instructions but quickly the Maker is encouraging to begin taking personal decisions to develop new ideas which may result from 'playing' with the project. It is about developing finishing skills and understanding design within a skill range. The final item needs to 'look good' to the Maker and hopefully, many others. All these things are subjective and each Maker is on their own path but bringing my points back to the beaded Christmas Tree project, I think we can offer this project to result in a highly finished item which is simple in design but pleasurable to achieve and gives a sense of personal satisfaction to make from scratch. 

Thanks for reading.