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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Clay Thursday

I'm aiming to get my clay work started again today. I've had a break from creating clay stuff for a while and am feeling the need to get it back into my work. I'm also finding myself looking for bracelets (in my collection) in certain colours which don't exist !! I've made a 'wish list' of new coloured beads I need and will make a start today. I'd like to make some simple small beaded bracelets in black, not all black but elements of. 
I also feel the need to complete the outstanding green bead project from before Christmas. I've been trying to get this completed for so long, I can't remember when I started. Here it is - waiting to be worked on :


Looking up this image - the date tells me it's 12/11/15 ! So ...... two months 'under development' ! I need to add some acrylic paint to develop the surface texture and some polishing to give the beads a 'completed' look.

Thanks for reading.