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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
I'm reporting on the results of the Findings Workshop from last week (read back last Tuesday for details). The workshop was very successful and everyone made a great job of making metal findings for necklaces and/or bracelets. Here are a selection of the results:


I'm hoping the session has developed an appreciation of using and shaping metal findings. We used very small pliers and metal snips which added another dimension to skills development. The smaller tools demand a solid technical approach to cutting and turning the metal. I  hope to move into sterling silver in a future session as everyone managed so well. Sterling silver is an expensive material and we needed to prove ourselves before attempting to use this material. In this workshop, we used basic brass head and loop pins and created very pretty bracelets and necklaces with coloured Pearls. We needed to cut and estimate sizes for the individual components. Each bead was given an individual looped pin and needed to be neatly prepared as well as being the same size. Everyone worked extremely well and designed lovely, balanced pieces. Well done to all concerned.
Next time we are moving back to using polymer for some cuff bangles.

Thanks for reading.