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Monday, 18 January 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm reporting on my Gelli print experiment from last week. I ended up moving away from my initial colour choices (orange,purple,green)and opted for blues and gold. I created a range of prints using the Lino block from last week and have started to develop one of them. I wanted an unusual surface to work with rather than a clean print. I like this result :

Some of the prints were a little too 'clean' for this piece but after a few different approaches, I learned how to get the extra paint to stay where I wanted it. The Gelli pad print using the Lino block needs a certain approach. I can improve on the control needed but I'm getting there !

I'm not sure, exactly, how this one will turn out ? I like the idea of using the initial print to combine my 'eyes' project and have started some experiments to develop the facial features. I have six prints of various colours and impressions so will try out face features in each of them. The first print has been worked on with a pencil and I'm going to use acrylic paint to develop the eyes feature.
I'm happy with how the initial experiment has gone. I will aim to combine a number of prints for one larger  piece, eventually.
Today, I'm working on the sketch and will keep going until my session ends (I'm trying to give two hours).

Thanks for reading.