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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Making Framework

Hi Everyone
Today it's a bit of a review and sharing a few plans for the next phase.
The Making Framework Test Group meet ever other Tuesday afternoon for a 3 hour workshop. We have made great strides in terms of tackling new and challenging 'making' skills over the last three months (Autumn Term). In September, we embarked on a beading skills development which was quite demanding. The skills required to make beaded jewellery such as bracelets and rings proved especially challenging for everyone, including me ! I have a new appreciation of how skilled many of the beading community are. However, we battled on and the experience has given confidence and a new appreciation of how to positively tackle a challenge. 
After the beading came a series of Air Dry Clay projects. We made bowls and buttons alongside Christmas trees and mini gift tags. The clay brought another set of skills which compliment our experiences of polymer clay from earlier in the year. Working with the different clays have given a new understanding of how different similar materials act and how we need to use them in different ways. We finished the term with some lovely dry felting work, making small Christmas trees and decorating them with beading ideas. Here is a collage of a small selection of the MAKES from the Autumn Term.


I think, we can all agree a great start to this years programme.

Now for our new plans. Over the next few months we plan to continue experimenting with new materials and techniques. Our first workshop session next week will development findings for jewellery projects. We will be using various metal wires and make a range of  custom shaped components. We will get into printing, cross stitch and quilling too. 

The Making Framework concept will aim to extend our reach into the local community. Last year we worked in a series of local Care Homes (with huge success) and this year we aim to extend the sectors in which we work - the target is to develop a workshop for two new groups. I'm not sure which groups we will target yet, these details will be worked out over the next few weeks. 
We will also aim to publish our first year of MAKING Projects - 12 projects, 1 per month. This publication has been developed alongside the test group sessions and will be a stand alone guide to developing Making skills. Each project in the series will have a KIT to be available online. We are also planning an exhibition of work around Easter time.
So, quite an ambitious year to come ! As usual, I will be sharing our Making journey each Tuesday. I hope you will call in each week to check progress.

Thanks for reading.