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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
I'm starting a new series of recipes this month. I'm going to look for new and interesting MAIN meals. I've not exhausted the puddings from my previous Wednesday's but I thought I could work on different courses too.
Generally, I've got a daily menu plan going on, this is about planning for shopping and allowing me to forget about the ' thinking problem' of what to eat every day. I write down the daily menu on a very messy hand drawn table in my 'daily list' book (usually the week before I need it). All this planning sounds great, however, I've settled into having the same week day meal each day, every week - mainly because I can't think of something new when I need to and don't have time to research.
My solution is to be the Recipe Wednesday prompt ! Each week, I will set myself a task of finding a new recipe for our family to try. I'm going to be realistic and make my meal at the weekend. If the meal works well, I can decide if it's something I can make on a busy week day. I will follow my previous rules about getting the kids to review the meal and give it a name as well as decide if we do it again. I'm planning on being a bit adventurous. I can already hear the kids 'groaning'. They are always on guard for weekend meals !!!

I intend to make another recipe book so I can record our recipes and results. I've already decided on my cover :


I'm going to try and make some fabric paper with this image (it's a great picture from TOAST - one of my favourite shops for style). I like the idea of using greens and yellow paper for the pages. I also like the idea of greeseproof paper in there.

My first meal recipe is called Roast Sweet Potato and Chickpeas. It sounds great to me but ....... who knows what everyone will make of it ? I'm planning on making the meal on Saturday. The results will be here on the blog next Wednesday.

Thanks for reading.