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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Making Framework

Hi Everyone
We have a 'Make It' workshop session today. Our Make will be a Polymer clay Cuff Bangle. I've put together a few samples but there are so many options available to the class and I'm hoping we get some real innovation going on. I'm planning on making a 'wrap' style bangle myself in the workshop and have made myself a template to use as a guide for size and shaping. I like the idea of using texture plates and coloured waxes so may explore these ideas.
I've  a few tips for everyone during my sample developments, the group should benefit from some of my failures re thickness of clay and construction techniques. There are pros and cons for each of my construction processes and we will discuss before making our bangles.
Here is a look at our invite showing my sample bangles :


I did manage to break a few bangles because they were either too thin or not cured enough. I do think, the bangles need to have a particular thickness to retain strength. Sometimes the layers of surface decoration can help here. My vision of the 'wrap' style bangle will hopefully allow for a reinforced structure.
I think we will probably need a couple of sessions to finish the bangles completely and allow a couple of curing phases. My sample bangles also benefitted from some sanding and waxing, so I'm making these finishing processes part of the session.
I will take some images as we MAKE, so you can share our experience - next time.

Thanks for reading.