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Monday, 11 January 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
Today, I'm trying out my Anna print with some 'alternative features'. Here she is (as per the original sketch)


I've developed a simple Lino version for further development. Here is a sample of a print.


My experiment today, will be to introduce my Gelli plate into the mix. I want to get some more colours into the image as well as try out more patterns within the face space. Eventually, I will develop the image into a face (with features) but for  now I want to experiment with colour and pattern. I'm trying out different shades of green, organge and purple today. In addition to a paper print (on lovely Fabriano paper), my intention is to develop some printed fabric with the images I like - for development into table napkins ! Wish me luck ! I will report my findings next time.

Thanks for reading.