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Friday, 8 January 2016

From Scratch

Hi Everyone
Just a quick post today for a new ring design - this one is called Vita. I'm going to make a few more of these Vita rings in more colours. I'm m not sure exactly which colours I'm going for yet ? and how many colours I will include - I'm experimenting today. The ring is a casual design and quite a simple 'make'. I'm developing a kit so anyone (with a little practice) can make a version for themselves. 


As part of the skills development I'm including a few little practice exercisers in the kit. From my experiments in workshops, I find that beginner beaders often struggle with keeping tension with beading projects. Creating the necessary 'tension' is key to making a successful ring. Practice is probably the key but understanding how to hold the beads to keep the tension and maintain the structure will ensure success.
Not sure how much the kits or comleted rings will sell for yet ?  I'd like to develop some special ring boxes to go along with the rings. I will update the details next week.

Thanks for reading.