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Monday, 25 January 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm making reasonable progress with my printing project - the initial Gelli print from last time has been 'worked on' and I have my first element for the 'eyes' piece. Here is a quick look at the development, so far :


I'm not sure what the final piece will look like or how big it will be ? Having worked on the facial features of my first Gelli print, I will develop a second in another colour and will play with some new ideas today. I'm thinking about a long, thin piece, perhaps using a wooden Gelli printed background ?
More exciting news - I'm so impressed with Gelli printing, I've purchased another larger plate. This one is 8x10 and will be great for larger prints. Im quite keen to try out my new plate today and want to incorporate one of the previous gold prints of Anna.

Thanks for reading.