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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Recipe Wednesday

Hi Everyone
I've got another exciting new Main Meal recipe today. This one proved rather challenging to 'my lot' ! The name I'm using is Cauliflower Burger with Green Sauce.

I liked the meal very much. The flavours were fresh, distinct and the burger held together well during preparation and while cooking. However, the preparation was a little heavy on the washing up and not a quick process, possibly because the recipe was knew to me ?
I'm publishing the actual recipe as I found it here, although, I did make some changes :
          (recipe from food blog Pinch of Yum)

I used ready cooked quinoa in my burgers and strong cheddar cheese. The whole thing went together well and the burger part was generally well recieved. However, the Green Sauce caused lots of discussion ! 

I like the taste and the colour was amazing. I served the meal with wedges and a simple Rocket Salad. The flavours combined to give a filling and interesting meal (my thoughts). The boys rejected the meal and didn't care for the sauce at all - much too 'green' ! 
The burger was the best vegetable burger I've made for a long time and I may try out a few different sauces before dismissing the recipe.
So, the boys gave 6/15. I gave 4/5. As a result 10/20 = the recipe (as it stands) does not go into the book. 

Thanks for reading.