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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Clay Thursday

Hi Everyone
I'm finally able to report progress on the Green Bead Project. At last, the beads have been given an acrylic paint layer and are ready for polishing. I've selected some of the beads for the acrylic treatment and have left some beads as they came out of the initial cure. I want to polish all the beads with wax polish, using my Dremel. The Dremel makes light work of a 'batch polish' and has a very nice effect on the clay.
I'm hoping I can get a stretch bracelet and a necklace from the beads. Here is a quick look at some of the beads waiting for their polish :


The Renaissance polish gives an amazing Matt shine and well worth the effort and time. I like the way the paint has highlighted the surface patterns on the beads.
I also want to experiment with some bangles today. I'd like to develop a base bangle for decorating in different ways. The basic bangle shape I've designed is a long, round edge rectangle piece which will wrap around a form to cure. I want to try out some patterned clay 'veneers' (thin pieces of patterned clay) experiments for decoration. I'm not sure about my base bangle colours, so will go with a few dark colours to start.

Thanks for reading.