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Monday, 4 January 2016

Make Art Monday

Hi Everyone
I'm gently pushing myself into the New Year today (Happy New Year to you all).
I'm almost thinking myself into 2016 ! - still a bit of a struggle but I'm inspired to develop a piece of Art, so that a good start.  I've got lots of stuff ongoing and will incorporate my new idea with my last Eyes Project. My Art task this week is to review where the Eyes Project is and make a plan for the next month or so. 
Back to today ..... I received a lovely Christmas card this year with my inspiring image which made me want to make something similar. Here is it :
I love the simple shapes and the Zentangle birds (another favourite idea ie Zentangle). I've an idea to make a background print with some more Zentangle birds for the folk art dolls from the Eyes Project. It's adding to the Project rather than starting something else. I also love the colours, so will keep them in my piece. This will keep me in the printing technique I started and will give me a direction for creating a simple background for my dolls. 

I will work on a few sketches today alongside my review and will share next time.
Thanks for reading.