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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Bead Loom Project

Hi Everyone
It's Day 3 and another project in my project development week. This time it's a Bead Loom bracelet.

I've modified a bracelet that I made a while ago and will develop more samples to accommodate a variety of clasps for a workshop. The beaded section in my photo will probably get the slide clasp with the safety chain but I also have a couple of other clasps which need the design to be changed slightly. I have lots of ideas for different sized beads and will try out some new combinations. I'll spend some time on this project today alongside the previous two (read back earlier this week for more information on project 1 and 2).

Now for an update on day 1 and 2 projects : 
Day 1 - Kumihimo Jewels


Day 2 - Fabric Cuff

Both projects have moved on and I'm reasonably happy with progress. I will keep going with all three projects today - I only have a half day today, so probably won't make too much progress. The Kumihimo project is almost there but the Fabric Cuff needs more experiments. I've broken down the further development of each project into sections so have a good idea of what I need to do next.

Thanks for calling in today.