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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Kumihimo plus

Hi Everyone
I didn't manage much progress yesterday, I had a lovely day - 'lunching' and looking for interior decoration ideas at IKEA. I'm happy to say - I found lots of new ideas. However, progress with my projects has suffered. I did manage to create a new bracelet sample (top) :

The new sample has a gap in the beading - I'd like to add another element to this part of the bracelet. I'm not sure if I should  make a beaded tube or add a polymer bead, designed for the job ? My plan is to add the fastening and go from there.

The last sample (bottom row) - is underway ! The mess (bottom left) is using longer lengths of braid with a wider variety of beads. The beads (bottom right) will be spread across the braid which I'm hoping will be long enough for a complete necklace. As I need more length for the necklace, the individual braiding threads are more difficult to manage. I'm using little flat thread bobbins (7) and testing a metal washer (1) to hold the beads as well as try to organise the threads. It's a bit of a fight at the begining ! I want the final braid to be neat and even and I need some control over how I add beads to the braid, hopefully I have the system to do this !!

Thanks for calling in today.