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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Mosaic Flowers

Hi Everyone
I'm sharing a new project today. This new project is another one of my experiments at this stage. 


I've been playing around with the idea of making something which could look good in a garden (my garden for now ! ).

 I've taken a wooden core, shaped as an organic, flower head. At the moment, I've simply tested out ideas on the wooden core and played around with placing colours and shapes of  small ceramic pieces of tile. My plan is to adhere the pieces onto the wood and grout them. The 'flowers' will then acquire a stake (in a pre made hole) to place them into the garden position.

I'm not sure exactly how I want the final samples should look ? I have collected some old broken white tiles as background 'filling in' material but I'm also considering crushed glass or aggregate of some sort ?

My next move is to get the ceramic material attached to the wood. My inclination is to keep the colours very simple by adding a background of the white small pieces of tile. I did consider covering all the wood core with ceramic pieces but I'm warming to the idea of painting the edges and the back.
I'll let you know what happens when I pluck up the courage to actually stick the tiles pieces to the wood ! - after sticking the tiles down, there is no return  for this experiment. However, there will be more 'flowers', I feel there needs to be lots more to provide an effective display.

Thanks for calling in today.