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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Knitting and crochet - Plan B

Hi Everyone
Having re started the Hannabira crochet cardigan with a Plan B (read back earlier this week for details), I've also created a Plan B for my most recent sock knit. I've actually finished both socks too ! Although, I can get the socks onto my feet (with a bit of a struggle) the fit is much too tight. 
I've decided to pull back the leg part of the socks and enlarge the 'instep' area. I may need to accept that the sock pattern does not work for me ? but I'm going to give one more try to improve the fit.


I'm also keen to get onto my next sock project - which will use a sock blank, very exciting !

As it's Friday, I'm also giving a brief update on the Hannabira. My plan is to record the progress of this project each week and will share how things are going with photos and a little details about the pattern. I'm calling this week of the project - 'week 1' (I'd quite like to forget about my previous attempt) !
 I re started the cardigan (only a few days ago ) AND I'm pleased to say, I'm a little ahead of where I was - prior to Plan B ! I'm still on the first part of the pattern which is called the Neckband - so, very early days. I'm about half way through the Neckband section. The Body section comes next.


This project will challenge my crochet skills but I'm pleased how things are going, so far.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend