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Friday, 30 June 2017

Yarn Talk

Hi Everyone
It's Friday and time for an update re my current yarn projects. I've had three main yarn projects going for quite a few weeks now and I've also recently decided to ditch my current sock project. I'm trying to limit my 'live' yarn projects to a knit, a crochet, a pair of sock and a spin, a maximum of four in total. Just enough to keep me interested and four allows me to juggle my time - to keep it all moving.
So, here's the news, two cardigans, one crochet and one knitted. I've made some progress with each project although I've been short of time this week. I've also got a sweaters worth of spinning to complete ! It could be a bit daunting ! but I have the whole thing compartmentalised (in my head) and I don't have a deadline - it's all fine.
Today, I'm reporting on the cardigans. As I've mentioned, the socks have gone and I'll talk about them next week with my plans for the repalacement socks. The spin has definitely suffered this week - I've not completed any spinning. I'll give an update next week with some ideas of the sweater pattern involved (it's changed from the original plan).

My knitted cardigan is going well. This week has seen almost both sleeves completed, the sleeve are 3/4 length. I need to add the button bands and neck band and I've planned to back the button bands with a ribbon (don't have the ribbon yet). I love the colour and I'm hoping the fit will be good. I have changed some of the pattern but I've been trying on as I go, so I'm reasonably confident, all will be well.

The crochet cardigan is also going OKish ! I give myself a task of two rows each evening and I've kept going with that - all week. I'm finding this part of the project a little boring. It's a single crochet stitch, so progress is slow ! If Im honest, I'm not totally convinced about the quality of my work. I quite like the stitch pattern and am looking forward to the decoration stitches - roses and a 'basket like' look ! However, I'm not so sure about my skills but I'll work at it. The decoration stitches are not too far away, probably by next week I should be there. I do need to decide on the colours I'm going to use. I change my mind every evening ! I'm also, controversionally, thinking about knitting the bottom rib and button/neck bands. I've not totally decided ! I think I'll know when the time comes.

Thanks for calling in today. Have a great weekend.