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Monday, 26 June 2017

Slightly Obsessed !

Hi Everyone
I'm slightly obsessed with Kumihimo braiding ! In my defence, I've been preparing for a Making Workshop tomorrow (Tuesday) and making my samples has been quite important. However, the first three samples would have been more than adequate. Sadly,I couldn't stop at three and have made five !!


I'm keen to develop the latest two braids into a necklace with some kind of cording ? - I'm not sure about how I will develop the design yet.
Hopefully, I have this current sample group complete, in terms of the actual braiding. Perhaps, I can move on and finish the remaining projects in my list (read back last week for more on the new projects) - I need to complete the current project list as I've already planned for two new ones this week. Keep calling in this week for details of the new projects.

Thanks for calling in today.