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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Paper Flowers

Hi Everyone
It's Day 4 of my new project week today. My next project is called Paper Flowers.

The flowers will be made from coloured crepe paper with florist wire for stems. The stems will be covered with green florist tape. I will experiment with different colours combinations as well as bloom sizes. I've developed a number of paper templates for the petals and am hoping to learn how I can use the petals to build a realistic flower. I will need to adjust sizes and possibly petal shapes. I may need to use paint on the individual petals - I'll decide after a I make my first flower. Photos to follow tomorrow.
I'm also wondering how to develop vases to hold the flowers ? I had some ideas for felt covered bottles ? - not sure at this stage. I will produce some sample flowers and decide whats needed.

I didn't manage any work yesterday, on the previous 3 projects - so nothing more to share (read back yesterday for the latest update).

Thanks for calling in today.