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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Making Workshop

Hi Everyone
I'm doing a little preparation today for our next Making Workshop. We are still working on the Fibre Jewellery Project, which is in its 3rd and final phase. Read back a few weeks for more on this project. This time, the focus is on making some seed bead rings to embellish either bracelets or necklaces.

Our regular Makers have developed some lovely items over the last couple of sessions and this ring embellishment idea is something which can be added to change the look of the piece, making it a more versatile item. 
Making beaded rings from seed beads can be a tricky process. Often, Makers new to beading find the construction of the ring rather difficult at first, so we will take it very slowly. I'm hoping everyone will be able to design and make their own rings after our session. I will be using a very simple Peyote technique.

I've developed a few rings for demonstration purpose but I'm hoping to embellish a new bracelet of my own too during the workshop. It will be interesting to see what our Makers come up with.

The Fibre Jewels Project has been a very satisfying project, all out Makers have developed interesting and innovative pieces. I will take some images of the jewels at out workshop (next Tuesday - 6/617) so we can share their Art.

Thanks for calling in today.