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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Embroidery Experiments

Hi Everyone
I'm planning to dabble with embroidery and have two new projects almost under development. Each project is quite small, so I'm hoping it's not going to prove too daunting for me ? I feel, I have the skills to complete each project but it's not something I'm that familiar with. I have had some experience with traditional embroidery skills and am reasonably confident with sewing skills (generally) but 'who knows' how they will turn out ?
My first project is :


This project is a souvenir from this years Edinburgh Yarn Festival (2017). It's a simple, tote bag with a printed motif on the front. The idea is to embroid the motif which is lots of little stitch shapes which will build an image of a ball of wool. The suggestion is to use sock yarn for the embroidery. I will follow this suggestion and am keen to start looking for leftover bits of sock yarn in my stash. My only thought is how to make the back of the embroidery look neat and tidy ? I've a feeling, my stitches will not be as neat as I'd like ? I'm considering adding a backing of some sort. I'll do a bit of research on that one.
The next embroidery project is a little more demanding :


This little kit is called Hoop Art by the Steph from Oh Sew Bootiful. My kit is Bees and Wildflowers and makes a lovely,pretty image when complete. The kit has very detailed instructions and all the bits to complete the project and Im convinced I can make a good job. I've decided I will follow the instructions exactly - I'm not good at doing this. I often start with this intention and then ....... I get an idea and I'm off !!! However, I'm committed to keeping to the instructions this time. I know, I need to develop embroidery skills so feel the best way is to go with it. If/ when ? all goes well, I would like to develop another sample for a particular room in my house - with specific colours. More on that when the time comes.

Wish me luck !

Thanks for calling in.